HSG you say?

Kelly’s experience

Two weeks ago I had a HSG test . This test is to show if my fallopian tubes are open or blocked, which may cause issues with getting pregnant. When it was recommended that I have one, I did not think twice. Just one step closer to having a baby and how bad can it be right?

It sounded simple enough and involved NO needles, so I was good. After talking with a few friends that had the same test, I felt even more at ease. “It did not hurt at all, just a little cramping.” I can handle cramping. I deal with them every month, so no big deal. Should I come back to work or go home and rest? “Oh it wasn’t bad, but maybe go home.” Sounded like a good idea to me. The last place I want to be with cramps is at work.

I made arrangements to be off that afternoon and Amanda took off as well, just in case I needed her. Off we go to the painless appointment. We will zip in, zip out, and then make a stop by the fertility doctor to have a blood test done for diseases. We should be home by 3. Just in time for Ellen.

After all of the paperwork was done, I finally went back to change into a gown and into the x-ray room for the procedure. The x-ray tech was nice, and she explained the procedure and what to expect. She asked if I had any questions and I had only one. The one you just shouldn’t ask, “Will it hurt?” “It might pinch some,” she said, “and there might be cramping.” Great! an honest person. For once in my life I was not sure I wanted that. She asked if I was ready to take some before shots and I was. She explained what was showing on the monitor and was sure to point out the “black pockets” that were showing was gas. REALLY? I could have told her that without this fancy x-ray machine. I was already worried about how I was going to control that in such a vulnerable state, but that is a different story.

Once the doctor came in we were ready to go. I had to layback on the X-ray table and inch down to the bottom. As luck would have it no stirrups. I was told they tended to be more of a hassle. Just bend your knees and put your feet on the end of the table..easier said than done while laying on an adult depends bed pad with a wrap around gown and socks on.

Away we go, before I knew it I had a very uncomfortable device pinching the bejesus out of my innards. With my legs still bent, I had to slide up the table in order to have the X-rays taken. Thank goodness the nurse was nice enough to hold my hand the entire time as she could tell on my face I was not having much fun. With the constant pain of a steady pinch, the doctor began to inject a colorless dye into my uterus. It was cool to see my uterus and eventually my fallopian tubes appear on the monitor. Although my fallopian tubes looked more like crazy wild hairs. Text books from high school were way off in the depiction of these things. Anyway, the dye finally made it out of the fallopian tubes and many x-rays later I was finally relieved of the pain.

After I sat up the nurse asked me to pick my poison (tampon or pad), I answered tampon and she explain that I might bleed for a few days so this was needed. After a few more minutes of resting she handed me a tampon and a few wet wipes and took me to the restroom. Once inside I made many futile attempts to use what she gave me, but due to its cheapness and cardboard qualities I gave up and lived dangerously for about 20 minutes. I hurried back to my changing room in my beautiful hospital gown, changed, and darted out the door. When Amanda saw me in the waiting area she said I looked weird and blotchy (usual for me). I could only laugh as I explained what happened and hoped that she had something I could use at our next stop.

Once we got to Dr. Kaufman’s they saw me pretty quickly. Of course I am a complete wimp when it comes to blood, so I had to warn the nurse of my “baby like” qualities. She proceeded to get another staff member to stand by me in case I started to fall out of my chair. Luckily, everything went O.K. I was unsure at first since she decided to draw from my wrist instead of my arm, but it was alright, no pain.

Two days later I got a call from the doctor’s office to report the results of both tests. The HSG test looked good and there were no blockages and the blood test was good…woohoo!!So we are good to go. Next step….picking the baby daddy!

Amanda’s experience

Almost a month ago, Kelly had her HSG test and her blood test panel. Results are ALL good. Thank goodness! I took off work 1/2 a day to be with her at the doctor visits – offer moral support and to drive her home. Had to wait about an hour at the first visit. After looking at my tenth magazine, out comes Kelly. All wide eyed with a blotchy neck and face. She said it was more painful than she expected but so far everything looked good. I did offer several times to let me drive her to the next appointment. She shot me down. I swear I will not let her drive herself to the hospital when she goes into labor.

Got to the fertility clinic for the blood tests. Kelly hates needles so luckily this appointment was super fast. Marked those two things off our “to do” list. Also in the past several weeks we were able to pay for 1/2 of the fertility clinic fee. Very good feeling getting further along on this journey.

A couple weekends ago we were able to spend time with my nieces and nephew. It was awesome to play and laugh with them. We also got to witness my 1 year old niece lick some rocks and pitch a couple of screaming fits (didn’t want her diaper changed and didn’t want to put on shoes). We looked at each other and said, “Are we ready for this?”

The next day we spent the afternoon with my 9 year old nephew and his 6 year old sister. They are good kids but tend to get on each other’s nerves like brothers and sisters do. Only had one fight. Of course it was in the middle of the ice cream aisle at Wal-mart. I walked just a couple feet away and come back to a crying sister. Big brother broke her new necklace we just bought her that day. I got onto both of them, made him apologize, told her to shake it off or we weren’t doing anything fun (ie playing in the water sprinkler when we got back to our house)!! We looked at each other, “Are we ready for this?”

Well, I assure you the answer is a big YES!!! We are obviously scared but overall we are joyful at the thought of adding to our beautiful families. We are so blessed to have such amazing, precious people in our lives. Our families and friends are so loving and supporitive. It makes this whole process a lot less scary.

I feel proud to think that in several months down the road we will have our very own little rock-licker or maybe even a little brother & sister duo who will break each other’s stuff but minutes later will shake it off & run through the sprinkler together. Laughing.



  1. Courtney said,

    May 5, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    What’s up with Amanda not being in the room during your pinching experience. I would pay money to see your legs spread eagle at the end of the table!

    I would like to nominate Dustin for your baby daddy. He sure makes pretty babies and you certainly don’t have to worry about hime being involved! That probably sounded more like a cry for help, but it was intended to be funny!

    I will need to give my seal of approval before any sperm is ordered. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I’m sure help is not supposed to be offered in circumstances such as these, but whatev- you just never know what might come up. Keep the blogs coming.

  2. Courtney said,

    May 12, 2010 at 3:56 am

    Hey, it’s me again… maybe ya’ll should just let me go ahead and join the blog with my perspective! Along with rock licking and the sibling rivalry, be prepared for shank making and trouble at school.

    Whatever God blesses you with, I know you girls will make fantastic parents. One of the best things about having children is the noise they bring to your household. At times it’s irritiating, but you don’t realize just how much you enjoy it until its silent. See you soon! Love Auntie C 🙂

  3. tdub68 said,

    May 20, 2010 at 7:41 am

    i’m so wickedly proud of you two for your honesty and humor and bravery…! you are purposefully choosing to bring children into this world and will love them so much…! now, all that said, i really wish i didn’t know as much as i do about fallopian tubes, particularly yours. hahaa and it’s so sweet how you love and support each other. (kelly–let her drive when you go into labor!) if you’re looking for more experiences, i have a 19yr old i’ll loan you 😉 hahah keep blogging…. even just quick quips… the world needs to hear your story…even the minutiae is fascinating and relevant! …ok well maybe not the “pads or tampon” parts…but WTH!
    hugs & love // uncle T

  4. tdub68 said,

    May 20, 2010 at 7:42 am

    oh and i’ve added you to my blogroll! 🙂

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